DBAuthManager tool


whether it is a tool managing authmanager (DBAuthManger) roles? If not, where should I write my rules to be saved in the database? To save the authorization data to database I have to use save() method?


Hi qwerty,

you can run these commands from the yiic shell.

For example

call the yiic shell on your webapp:

C:Yiiframeworkcore_1.03>yiic shell C:xampphtdocswwwnewindex.php

the shell shows:


Yii Interactive Tool v1.0

Please type 'help' for help. Type 'exit' to quit.

then you call:

Yii::app()->authManager->createOperation('createArticle','create an article');

the result in the authItem database table:

Posted Image

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greets ironic

:) Thanx for quick answer :)