DB default value in FILTER. What for?

I can’t understand one thing…

If i set in mysql Default Value for column - this automaticaly set’s on filter in admin view.

Is there a way to keep default value, and in CGridView admin filter by default = "no filter" on this column ?

I confirm this -I have the same problem. Filter boxes take default values from model columns and can not be set to ‘empty’ or cleared.


Same problem here. Does anyone know how to get around this?

In my actionAdmin() function I just set the value in the model to NULL.

$model=new Post('search');

$model->views = NULL;

Have the same problem.

Setting attributes to NULL (as described above) works but I think all filters should be set to NULL by deafault.

new issue was already added - Issue 1050: DataGrid filter default values are not NULLs and can not be cleared