datetime Validation does not work


i’m using the CJuiDatepicker with an different dateFormat. So the user has the possibility to add an time:

So the datepicker generates an value like this: "01.09.2011 00:00" and the user is able to change to "01.09.2011 09:54".

Next step is to validate this value using the following rule:

But it dies not work. "STARTDATE" is not valid?!

Is there any typo or may i misunderstood the documentation (

Thank you!


Not sure if that is the problem… but as the documentation for CDateTimeParser say -

mm means minutes, use MM for months

absolutely - that’s it!

Thank you so much!

I was confused because of the Javscript Date Format from the DatePicker. There mm means minutes.

However mm or MM if i look at the old (and worng) format string: hh:mm <- now i’m notice, that i’m using mm for minutes AND months - in every case, that will never work exactly! :wink:

Thank you!