is it available an object as TDatePicker in prado? (localizations, etc…)

Not at the moment, but I will add one before formal release. Still evaluating several datepickers and to see which is the best.

this component is very useful so if anyone can suggest which in his opinion is the most complete and also nice it can be a little help to qiang's choiche.

for me the prado tdatepicker was a complete object (not so nice).

We should look at jQuery-based ones for consistency.

a must-have feature is the get/setTimeStamp as in prado one.

this feature is very important, with it you can save date values in field integer types on databases and be db-indipendent!

This looks to be a really nice date picker.



Yeah, that's on the top of my list. However, I think its week column (the first column) is uncommon and couldn't find a way to remove it unless changing the code. Do you think so too?

Quite right, very strange it is not configurable - but it is new so I think the developer may consider adding a css style to that column.

Personally I don't mind the extra column…


I also don't think it's a problem.

Plus variant to select full week by simple pressing week number may be helpful :)


i personally find the weekcolumn usefull, for instance the calendar-week is used for scheduled delivery dates or call-backs in in business-purpose.

Greetings from Germany


Ok, will add this.

That's what I like about Yii - strong feedback!

Thanks qiang!

Why not the standard jQuery UI Date Picker? No week and themes…/#ui.datepicker

I would tend to agree with drigolin we should stick with JQuery's UI control set (I missed their widget for some reason).


Why? I like that thing more - it is more configurable…


where is the choice arrived? which one qiang? when? remember a gettimestamp (unix)

We will use the one from jquery UI set. However, this will be done for 1.1 release rather than 1.0 because we will consider adding other controls in a more systematic way.


i know your answer but we are delivering the first project yii based and is pratically finished except a gui for date field. is it possible to have it? doing something custom is a way i don't like because when will it arrive i have to throw away mydatepicker. please consider it now instead of 1.1… :cry: