dateField display format

Hi all,

I have a CActiveForm with a date field which currently defaults to displaying ‘dd-mm-yyyy’. I would like to change this to display as ‘mm-dd-yyyy’ how can I do this?

thanks for any advice.

Are you referring to the use of CJuiDatePicker within CActiveForm or something else?

Try this date picker code



    'value'=>date('d-m-Y'),    // DATE FORMAT









My date field is within a ‘CActiveForm’ and is being created with:

echo $myForm->dateField($model,'start_date');

I’d prefer not to have to use a ‘CJuiDatePicker’.

In that case you will need to change the format of the start_date field in the controller and back to the original format before validating or saving it in the controller.

ok I’ll do that. thanks!