DataSQZ Machine Learning Demos

Check out my latest site on showcasing Machine Learning Business use case demos on - powered by Yii2.0 One of the cool demos is on the computer able to predict a description of an image - upload any image of things and animals and see it mostly predicting those images accurately. It was able to predict the breed of many dogs very well. There is a slide showing some examples of the image model prediction. The machine learning models were developed in Python and running using a Flask server (all posted on github account). Yii’s PHP code calls those Python APIs for advanced analytics predictions.

There are some predictions around sports, elections, beer or song recommendation etc.

Nice one. Demos are cool but I’d work on the design and texts:

  • Text could be shorter with the same meaning. Font could be increased afterwards.

  • Demo icons should match background or be rounded. Looks bad currently.

  • favicon.ico should be custom.

  • In the demos presentation could be improved a lot. Technical part of these is good but visuals currently aren’t.

Thanks for the feedback. I will work on the design changes in the next few days and would welcome your feedback on the update.