Datas are not inserting into the table properly

Hi Friends,

      I installed the new version of YII (currently using 1.1.8 ).But using PHP code for my functionality from the version 1.0.7 .When I am trying to insert the data it inserted as NULL.But when I print the params values are there.Below is the code I am using Currently.

 $model=new TblTableName();








	if(!$model->validate())   // if the inputs are valid

		fputs($fp,"Not valid inputs for model");



With my previous version the same code works well.But for this version what I need to change.The data only inserted into the table as NULL.

Thanks in advance.

From 1.0.7 to 1.1.8 is a big jump… first step for you would be to check the "upgrade" instructions -

Find the 1.0.7 version and read (and apply) all from there to the top of the document…