dataProvider on ListView not working?

Hi I am using ScrollPager module to make an infinite scroll page. The module is using the ListView widget to pass each page data into a view.

I am currently trying to use it in this way :

You have the first element which is the view containing the infinite scroll pager :

                <?= ListView::widget([
                'dataProvider' => $provider,
                'itemOptions' => ['class' => 'item'],
                'itemView' => '_item-remaining',
                'pager' => ['class' => \kop\y2sp\ScrollPager::class]
            ]); ?>

The value in provider is an ActiveDataProvider and I simplified the view _item-remaining to debug it easily with a simple line:

    <p><?= $dataProvider->id ?><p>

The yii\base\ErrorException returned is : Undefined variable: dataProvider.
It seems this line is not correct :

"'dataProvider' => $provider," although the yii and the module documentation tell it should work.

Here it is : ScrollPager’s github

There might be something I don’t get.

Thanks in advance for your help !

According to the documentation

In the view file above, the current data model is available as $model