Database Table Not Found

Hello, everyone!

Today morning, i got an interesting problem on my Yii site. The application can not access any table.

Yesterday everything worked well, i didn’t modify any files, i really don’t know what happened.

I tried to repair my DB in phpMyAdmin, i create a new Database with/without table prefix, i checked the tabel’s model’s names cases etc…but everything looks OK.

Another very interesting thing, approximately one hour ago i could access my site(application accessed also all tables, i didn’t get any error on;y for 10-15 minutes).

My hosting provider’s administrator said the problem is with my application.

I got error like these for any tables:

The table "{{projects}}" for active record class "Projects" cannot be found in the database.

The table "{{users}}" for active record class "Users" cannot be found in the database.

[size="2"](Is it possible that someone may have hacked the site?)[/size]

If you can access your tables via phpmyadmin, nothing bad probably has happened.

Recheck app connection settings, seems like your app is trying to access another database (host changed?..).

Also check that tablePrefix is set (to actual value or empty string)

Yes, i can access tables via phpMyAdmin,i didn’t change my host provider.I check the table prefix, and everything looks ok.

I have an interesting problem,yesterday night i also could access my site~10-15 minutes without any errors, but today morning i still got those errors for each tables.

I didn’t change files, hosting provider, connection string, table’s prefix. I really really don’t know why this error occurred.

2 days ago mys site worked well.(I didn’t modify anything)

I think this error is hosting provider’s fault. I checked all files via FileZilla, and no one was modified in last 2 weeks.

Probably yes… but sometimes it’s hard to convince provider that it’s their problem.