Database Migration ?

Hello ,

i have a question about the Yii migration tool ,when i add/Modify a table to the file generated in the public function up() and i retry the "yiic migration command" says

No new migration found. Your system is up-to-date.

you have to create a new migration

Thanks for you answer !

but i don’t understand why when i modify the file to add new table and try the migration tool !

it says ,it’s up to date, despite of ,i changed the content of the file ?

Ps:how do i remove the migration file? (Manually or automatically)?

you can migrate down, then modify your migration script, then migrate again

but only in early development

Ok thanks ;)

Have you already migrated up? If not, this is something I ran into when trying the safeUp and safeDown. Make sure if you’re using those two methods that you remove the up() and down(). This isn’t mentioned in the book but appears to be required to allow the safe methods to run