Database Exception

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Hello guys, I’m new here and also new to yii. Apologies if this is the wrong section to post about this.

First of all, my details(I try to include as much as I can):

PHP 5.6.14

Oracle DB11G Enterprise Edition locally, default localhost setup)

Windows 7 64-Bit


Yii 2.0.6

I am trying to use the gii module to generate some models for testing purpose(as I am fairly new to this framework). I have imported all the tables/data from my organization’s database, and have create related tablespaces and users. So my generator have these autocompleted when i typed partial keywords.



Then when I clicked on preview button, i get this error below,



I believe the SYSTEM/SYSAUX are generated automatically when installing the oracle db. Plus, the autocomplete tables that appeared when I try to insert the table name is correct and same as the tables i have inside our schema. I tried changing the password/creds to be wrong as I cant access the gii page at all(so i believe the connection to my db setup is fine).

Can anyone help me. is it a known issue or i am doing something wrong? because as far as I understand, the error shown means that the generator is looking at a different place upon clicking the "preview" button.

Thank you.

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I cant really post any links since this is my first post, but i got help from StackOverflow.

Look for "Luqman Stackoverflow Database Exception" and see the same title as this thread for solution to this trouble.

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Try with code from master.