Database Active Record Help


can i use findAll() or other methods to do the following find:

find all records in product where product_code = ‘a’ or product_code = ‘b’ or product_code = ‘c’

i tried something like

->findAll(‘product_code=:product_code’, array(’:product_code’ => ‘a’, ‘:product_code’ ’ => ‘b’));

but didnt work…

thanks for all your help

Of corse it doesn’t work.

do like that:

->findAll('product_code=:product_code1 or product_code=:product_code2 or product_code=:product_code3', 

      array(':product_code1' => 'a', ':product_code2' ' => 'b', ':product_code3' ' => 'c'));

:) got it. Thanks very much