data inside a button column for gridview ?

I have a value display in a gridview, and I wish to add a + and - image that will allow me to increase that value, but I want it to be in the same cell, not a new one.

code for my value is :


            'name' => 'value',

            'type'=> 'raw',

            'value'=> 'CHtml::encode($data->value)',       


I wish to add 2 button/image inside that same column, either "in" the same column, or if I could split that column in 2 and add the value in the 1st "sub-column" image in the 2nd "sub-column".

so far I only manage to get the 2 image together in the same column, or 2 data value, but I cant mix data and image/button.

is this possible and I missed an exemple in the doc or I’m trying too much ?

no one ?

ok, too bad I guess I’ll go with the double image and 2 column instead of putting everthing together