Data Grid View

I have a trouble in design phase I don’t know it possible:

1.When I fetch data from database to grid view -> normal yii can do.

2.In grid view I want 2 icon is up/down control each row when I click row up it will move up and when click down it will move down

3.When I move up/down grid view must have save button for save the position of row changed into table

Somebody plz tell me what I have to do.

Thank a lot

Fundamentally the issue is that you want to preserve the order at the table level (vs. sorting in the grid).

To do that you will have to either keep an order column in your DB or else delete ALL and resave ALL records each time.

I have a few many-many relationships in my app where the ordering matters - I use a Jquery multiselect widget on my create/update form. You could do something similar outside of the gridview as a first step.

Thank you dniznick.