Data Communication Error

Hello all,

i just started using Yii and i was trying to figure out how the phonebook demo works… but i just get stuck in the beginning…

iam using xampp 1.71 (php version : 5.2.9)

Everytime i fill the login/password field with demo/demo then click ‘login’, then it took a while before saying “Data Communitacion Error”, sometimes it also ended with my windows 7 says that my apache is not responding…

hope somebody can help :D

somebody help me please :-[

You need to make sure that all the prerequisites for the framework are installed. Most notably sqllite.

In ubuntu

sudo apt-get install php5-sqlite

In Redhat

yum install php5-sqllite

This may indicate that you need some of the other prerequisites.

Take a look at requirements.php as detailed here…

I had the same problem. I ran the Yii requirements checker at:


and found that the DOM extension was not installed. Since my server is Linux, I installed it with the command:

yum install php-dom

Now it works.

I hope this helps.