dash or underscore in script name

I’ve googled and searched this forum but don’t see anything about this. I’m using a dash ("-") or underscore ("_") in a script name, but I get a 404 because Yii 2 can’t find it. I’m a newbie so maybe I didn’t put a definition somewhere that I need to. But before I go searching for that, can I get an answer on this? I know I can do it in variable names. Thanks

Sorry, nevermind – I found it. I DID have it defined but I had left out the underscore in the Action method in the SiteController. I had to name that method as actionEmployer_demo. Weird-looking name but I don’t care as long as it works. Maybe this will help another newbie.

Check the following section of the guide, especially for "Controller IDs" and "Action IDs" and how they are converted to controller file names and action method names.

Guide > Application Structure > Controllers