Danish company looking for extraordinary developers

Hi everyone,

My company http://inze.it is looking for highly skilled developers.

We need people with excellent PHP, HTML, JS or CSS skills (backender, frontender or all-rounder).

Experience with Yii is a must if you’re PHP heavy lifter and Wordpress or Drupal is a plus. MongoDB knowledge is not a bad idea either. Best practices and clean code is the deal breaker here.

A frontender should know semantics and best practices by heart, have experience with jQuery, underscore.js and backbone.js, be extremely well informed about CSS3 (transitions, transforms, columns …), HTML5, mobile development (touch events) and know browser support or where to look it up.

Know your strengths and limits. I’ve got both heavy backend business logic, statistics and API’s as well as touch user interfaces for tablets and responsive POS (Point of sale) solutions and lots of more interesting work.

You should be fluent with GIT before applying.

We do extraordinary work and need extraordinary people.

We are only hiring independent developers, no companies/agencies please.

You can contact me.my skype:sirin_ibin

Is this an in office position or freelance?


I work with yii 2 years, have some yii extensions. I’m also drupal master before come with yii

Last time, i worked at JoomlArt(www.joomlart.com) that is a design company so js & css very well.

I have no work with mogodb but very well at cassandra db( It look like mongodb)

I always use git to work.

i’m interest in your project. Please contact me via skype : dunglqdc or email dzunglequang@gmail.com