Daiviet Group Need Php Developer In Vietnam

Daiviet Group - Vietnam need 05 PHP devoloper, 03 PHP Teamleader


• Develop the ecomerce projects


  • • 2+ years of experience in custom software development or 2+ years of experience in web development, software development and ecommerce site management

• Proficient in HTML, CSS3, JavaScript, HTML5 able to take a design mockup and turn it into a valid web page across all devices and platforms

• Version Control management, including Subversion

• MYSQL development and management including performance and optimization, replication and security

• “Best Practices” software development, including object-oriented programming and design, documentation and unit testing

• Excellent communication and time management skills

• Ability to interact professionally with all users, from customers to company leadership

• Strong project management and organization skills

• Effective time management in a fast paced environment

• Ability to multitask with changing priorities

• Responsive design experience.

Please send cover letter to Ms Lien - HR Staff (Email: tuyendung@daivietgroup.net)

Recruiters are not allowed to send emails

Best& Regards!