Daily topic digest

Each morning before i start working, i go through my emails and see what’s new (i am sure you all do the same).

Beside being subscribed to a few yii sub forums, i am also subscribed to many other sites (like i know you are too), and it is a pleasure to read most of those emails because they are very well formatted, but when it comes to read my daily topic digest here at Yii, well, it is room for improvements regarding the way the email is formatted.

A few improvements would be:

  • make the topic titles larger, bold them!

  • don’t give me the entire link to the post, i don’t care to see a long url in my email, i want to see a “Click here for details”(or smth similar)

  • — and === separators ? can we do this a little better ?

  • when i get php code in the email, it looks very bad, this needs improved too.

  • quotes are marked like: ------------ QUOTE ---------- followed by the text, really this needs to be changed.

What i am saying here is that, this really needs an email template with images and all that, to be very well formatted so when we look at each topic we don’t kill our eyes trying to figure out if that the next message is from same topic or not.

Just my two cents :)

The forum is a commercial application… it’s powered by IPB (check the bottom right of the forum page)… we have adjusted some things on it to integrate it better with our site… but any change made to an application like that means that when we want to update the forum version, we need to again re-apply from scratch all the changes… that’s why we cannot (don’t want) to mess too much with it…

Yeah i saw it is IPB, but doesn’t it allow hooks to be applied in any way ?

My suggestion isn’t a must, it’s just a thing that would make me (and probably many other users) happy.

If it’s not possible or it is time consuming forget about it :)