CWsdlGenerator produces wrong wsdl on arrays


the generator works fine for simple types and structs, but if you use arrays of something,

then the wsdl seems to become wrong. well at least you can’t use wsdl.exe from the .net toolkit.

it produces errors like

Fehler: Schemaelement 'complexType' mit dem Namen 'xsd:intArray' im Namespace 'urn:SoapControllerwsdl'.

  - Ungültiger 'name'-Attributwert 'xsd:intArray': 'Das ':'-Zeichen, hexidezimaler Wert 0x3A, an Position 3 im Namen kann nicht in einen Namen aufgenommen werden.

after hours of struggle i came up with a new version of CWsdlGenerator (from yii 1.1.5) which is attached 976


Why this one is not in Yii yet?