I am using Cwebuser extented…for my own model…well this is my components/WebUser.php



// this file must be stored in:

// protected/components/WebUser.php


class WebUser extends CWebUser {


  // Store model to not repeat query.

  private $UserLogin;


  // Return first name.

  // access it by Yii::app()->user->first_name

  function getFirst_Name(){

    $user = $this->loadUserLogin(Yii::app()->user->user_id);

    return $user->first_name;



  // This is a function that checks the field 'role'

  // in the User model to be equal to 1, that means it's admin

  // access it by Yii::app()->user->isAdmin()

  function isAdmin(){

    $user = $this->loadUser(Yii::app()->user->user_id);

    return intval($user->user_role_id) == 1;



  // Load user model.

  protected function loadUserLogin($id=null)







        return $this->UserLogin;




i have followed all instructions like setting confi/main.php etc…but when i run it am getting a issue saying.


include(WebUser.php) [<a href=‘function.include’>function.include</a>]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory

what to do now?where am i going wrong?

Where is login function? In module or "site" controller?

post your components config and specify the location of WebUser.php on your file system.