CWebUser setState authTimeout

I am trying to change the inactive logout time for certain users to a longer time. By default a user has 4 hours of inactive time before they are logged out. I would like to change that to 6 hours for certain user. Below is my user components in protected/config/main.php

'user' => array (

	// set auto logout timeouts

	'absoluteAuthTimeout' => 60*60*24, // Log out after 24 hours regardless of activity

	'authTimeout' => 60*60*4, // logout after 4 hours of inactivity

	'loginUrl' => array('site/index'),

	'class' => 'WebUser'


I have a sandboxcontroller that I use for testing. this is what I have in /protected/controlers/SandboxController.php

public function actionUserInfo(){

    echo "<pre>";


    echo "</pre>";

    //Yii::app()->user->authTimeout = 20000;

    Yii::app()->user->setState("authTimeout2", 20000);

    echo "<pre>";


    echo "</pre>";


The following will output:

If I switch the commented out code:

    Yii::app()->user->authTimeout = 20000;

    //Yii::app()->user->setState("authTimeout2", 20000);

And I get

but If I refresh the page I get the same result, so the new value for ‘authTimeout’ is not saving. How do I save a new ‘authTimeout’ for a user?