CWebServiceAction and soapserver persistance problems

hi folks,

im using CWebServiceAction as described here:

and it works pretty well so far.

but when i set persistence via

public function actions() {

		return array(



				'serviceOptions' => array ('persistence' => SOAP_PERSISTENCE_REQUEST), //  SOAP_PERSISTENCE_SESSION),

the soapserver initialization crashes in CWebservice::run()




// code here is not executed anymore

// even not the code following the catch statement.

when calling a function from the soapclient.

what i tried so far:

  • calling $server->setObject($provider); before the setPersistence()

  • moving session_start(); from CHttpSession::open() into CWebservice::run() (btw. session_start is called at least 4 times)

anyone got any idea?

PHP 5.3.1 (cli) (built: Nov 20 2009 17:26:32)


problem persists with 1.1.4 …