Cwebservice, Wrong Wsdl Address On Soapserver Object

Well I am working on a client/server project, The server side code is on Php(Yii) and client side code is on Java (Android). I have made a Webservice controller on Yii and it’s working fine (I have debugged it using SoapClient)

Lets assume the wsdl url is :


The problem is when i try to send a soap request to my webservice from the android emulator. since android emulator uses an specific ip address ( to reach the local machine, and this address doesn’t belong to my machine from in side of my computer, when i send a request from the emulator, Host address is CWebService creates the SoapServer object and gives it the wsdlUrl created from Http Host Header, which is, therefore SoapServer cannot reach that address and throws an exception (SoapServer assignment is on line 165, in CWebService.php)