customizing login/authentication

Hi people,

I am brand spanking new to Yii, and to php for that matter. I’m building an application for my 4th year college project and I am having a little trouble getting my head around the framework. I first need to customize the login process, but actually have a few other questions too. If it’s not too bold a request I was wondering if anyone would be willing to spare a few minutes on skype just to talk me through one or two fundamentals. Any help at all and I’d be eternally grateful. I’m in Ireland which is in the GMT time zone.


you can post your questions here as well may be your time not match for all yii helper but you will post here than all guys help u.


I could do that yes, thanks Pravin. Given the nature of my questions I feel I could get more info quicker by talking on skype. It would be easier for me to explain the problems I’m having with my project. I will post questions though, as I have so many at this stage. Thanks pravin


I need language practice, so I will gladly talk to you over skype (if you forgive me my bad english :) )

I will be available from saturday evening.

My skype ID is yuri.morozov

Hi, thanks Yuri, I appreciate you getting back to me. I may be busy saturday but I will add you and be in touch soon if that’s ok. You can help me with Yii, I can help you with english, that way we both win.