Customizing Cdbexception And Chttpexception Views.

I want to customize the CDbException and CHttpException views in yii. Repalce the message with any images and log the exceptions in file.

About CHttpException Just copy of Yii framework/views/error404.php on your views/system (create system folder if it is not exists) and make the appropriate changes.

About CDbException I think it works in the same way

I mean that, for exceptions in yii the stack trace will displayed. For real applications its very important to change the exception views. I want to display the exception views with an image. That means for every exceptions an image will be displayed. Is there any solutions for that?

hi If you look at index.php under your app folder there is something as following remove it or comment it, it will take care of the stack trace

That’s not the end of solution for this issue.After doing your suggestion it will not show the details for the exception.But it will show the exception.

What is acceptable here is to change that message :)

I am also looking for the same thing.