Customizing a form using Profile Field feature in yii-user extension (Yii1.1.x)

Hello everyone,

I’m trying to add a new profile field using yii-user extension. Is there any detailed documentation available?

I can see a Required dropdown with options as follows:



[*]No, but show on registration form

[*]Yes and show on registration form



I tried choosing these options but I couldn’t differentiate between ‘No’ and ‘No, but show on registration form’. Also, I didn’t find any difference between ‘Yes and show on registration form’ and ‘Yes’. They seem to work similarly. Can you help me to differentiate between these options?

Also in Visible dropdown, there are 4 options available:


[*]For All

[*]Registered Users

[*]Only owner



I assume that ‘For All’ will make the field visible for all users including guest users of the system. ‘Registered Users’ for only those with user accounts. ‘Only owner’ for all users with admin privilege. And, ‘Hidden’ creates an hidden field. Is my assumption right?

Anybody, Any help? :unsure: