customized the loadmodel and i have one issue now on update

i have customized the profile controller’s load model function to load the profile of the user according to the user_id

public function loadModel($id)




			throw new CHttpException(404,'The requested page does not exist.');

		return $model;


the update function is

public function actionUpdate($id)


	   $profileUser = $this->loadModel($id);



        echo ' voila u succeeded';


		// Uncomment the following line if AJAX validation is needed







                echo 'validated';


                echo 'not validated';







                echo 'noting happinginhhhhh';

               print_r($model->getErrors()) ;








	      echo 'rules are failing';




it is loading the correct profile but it is not updating it

i have validated the model there is no problem

there is no problem listed in the $form->errorSummary($model);

the print_r($model->getErrors()) is giving empty array

but the model is not saving i can’t figure out why why why???

can anyone help me out??? :(

done it yup i have done it…

the problem was in the profile model it was not returning the true to before save