Customized Cgridview

Hello Everyone!!!

     I have a textbox in one column of CGridview and user allow to enter text in it. In the next column of CGridview I want the text that is enter inside the textbox to be displayed.


If you want the same text (first column as text box, second one as label) on the fly just use javascript

If you want the textbox to save as the second column you have to use ajax button

Or there is also alternate way like How can I add Submit Button inside Gridview??

So there is one column for submit button. Each row has one button.


'header'=>'your heade text'

'value'=>'<a href="...">a button text</a>',



I want to put a Submit button inside the grid not a link.

For that my code is like :


    'value'=&gt;'CHTML::submitButton(&quot;'.&#036;text_of_button.'&quot;,  array(&#092;'submit&#092;' =&gt; Yii::app()-&gt;createUrl(&quot;User/create&quot;)))',




So it is working nice. It displays the button but I want to set Button Id or Button name.

Can you please guide me that how can I set?

you can pass the options/htmlOptions parameter on sumbit button

'options' => array('class' => 'grid_action_set'),