Customize Active Record Model

I have added a new column in my database table.but i can implement this in my model as well as view.please any one help me for solving the isssue.

All columns from database table can be accessed through corresponding model properties, and this mechanism works automatically. So you don’t have to change anything in your model to access new property which is related to new column in your database table.

Just add an input field for newly added property into your view file, and you will be able to view and edit the value of new column.

the best way is copy your all data in YourModel.php and regenerate the BaseYourModel.php and Generate new CRUD but Generating new CRUD is not a good idea. so just add one field in your _form.php manually and add this fieldname in view also if you want it there.

but if you have added only one column in db table then you can directly add it to YourModel.php its also Works. :)