Customizable path seperator in urlManager

EG: http/localhost/user-login will equal to http/localhost/user/login when use ‘-’ as path sep.

I think it is not good.

if we have a page url as


then if we use (-) for the seperation of the action from controller then it my be difficult to get into it.

For SEO point of view, - is better then _ if in case we use _ for the title/page url


The (-) in blog/post/my-first-post could be url encoded by urlManager and left - which represent the ‘/’ as is.

In the meaning of blog-post-my/first/post, they are in the same sense.

Au contraire! That would mean you have all sort of different directory levels for blog post which would be best if they were all in the same directory level.

All in the same level:




What you are proposing:




See what I mean? The URLs of the first set look related; the URLs of the second look as though they have nothing in common when just looking at the path.

For some websites it might serve a purpose, but in general I think it’s a Bad Idea ™

You didn’t get what I meant, what I talking about is the matter of url encoding in case of ‘-’ and ‘/’.

Okay, enlighten me! :)

How would you propose the following URLs should look like?

:) It’s not about the url fashion, it’s about the configuability so that people could choose their path seperator freely. In my case, I don’t need to generate url slugs according to my system design requirement, so I choose ‘-’, and In my another case, I need a slug, so I choose ‘/’. Then I have options in all cases. :lol:

Yeah ok, that makes sense. Please forget what I said :)