Customise yii2


i am new to yii2.0. I am creating a web service using restful api.. N i wanna customise the yii2 basic template according to ma needs.. I don't need the extensions that i am getting when i install yii2. I just need those yii2 libraries present in yiisoft. So can anybody tell me how to customise the yii2 please.

Just remove what you don’t need in your config file by removing components and modules.

The basic app comes with one controller (sitecontroller) so you can just delete that along with its views if you want to.

My reply is rather general & vague but that matches the question!

Thank you… But my prob is i want to customise the application. I want to remove al extensions that is faker swiftmailer etc and keep only yii libraries… So that i can use these libraries for my application… Can u tel me how to remove them n their dependencies n make my application work. Thanks in advance