Customise Checkboxlist Template

I have a checkboxlist as below:

<?php echo CHtml::activeCheckBoxList($product, 'categories', $categories, array(

	'template'=>'<div class="item">{input}{label}</div>',


)); ?>

In the above, the <div class="item"> needs to have a dynamic class applied to it - basically I want to get the ID of the item that is being output and use this value to perform a lookup on another model, e.g

echo Category::model()->getParent($item_id)->name;

So in my example it should output something like

<div class="item cars">

    <input type="checkbox" name="Product[Categories][]" value="10" id="Product_categories_0" />

    <label for="Product_categories_0">Ford</label>


I know I can just create my own foreach loop to construct a checkbox output - but then I would lose the useful features that checkboxlist provides.