Custom Yii2 Framework Directory


I am new here, but have written several projects using Yii 1.1. I love Yii 1.1. Recently I am working on a relatively small minor project for my client. Since it is relative small and simple, it should be a good time to try Yii2. However, when I look at Yii2 's directory architecture, it seems to be not as flexible as Yii 1.1. The project I am working at is one sub-system within a sub-directory/department of a website.




In yii 1.1, it is simple, I can move the yii framework folder outside webroot then adjust index.php the $yii variable and the .htaccess file. That’s it.

But in yii 2, from what I read the framework has to be a folder above your web folder, which is not suitable here because web root definitely cannot be changed to my app folder, there are other departments and multiple sub-systems for each department.

Can I pack the yii2 framework folders (I believe all except the web folder) into a "yii2" folder, and do the same as yii 1.1?

(There are lots of other sub system with different frameworks from different teams, so it is necessary to pack the framework folders to a folder with a understandable name like ‘yii2’)