custom View Component and yii2-debug


after replacing the ‘view’ component with my own, the yii2-debug info bar is not displayed anymore at the bottom of the page … Do you have any idea why this happens ?

My custom view component only overloads the findViewFile method, and for tests purposes I have reduced this method to a call to the parent class … still the debug toolbar is not displayed (strange…).

class ModView extends \yii\web\View {


	protected function findViewFile($view, $context = null)


		return parent::findViewFile($view, $context);



Thanks for your help



The following is from yii2-debug/Module.php

It attaches an event handler to the view in the bootstrap sequence.

So, I’m not sure, but probably you have to register YOUR view component in the bootstrap.

Thanks Softark, I will try that …