Custom Validation Of Date

hi all!

i have a database field FinancialEndDate as string and it will store date without year part of the date e.g. 31 december.So In My CActiveForm i created two virtual attributes datepart and monthpart and created two dropdownlist for each of contains days from 1 to 31 and other january to december as items of the dropdownlist.

i also added a rule ValidateFinancialEndDate rule for monthpart.

within that function i concatenated current year maonthpart and datepart and created a date veriable to check the validity of the date.but i dont know how can i validate date so that 31 december 2012 should validate but 31 november 2012, 30 february 2012 and other invalid dates should not validate.

please help me



you can set a real date with the php date function, this function will return false if it’s not a correct data.