Custom validation message not showing

In my [font="Courier New"]User[/font] model I have two "virtual" fields:

In my [font="Courier New"]public function rules() [/font]I have:

When I type a password with less than 6 characters my message doesn’t appear. What appears is this:

Note: when passwords don’t match ([font=“Courier New”]pass_field[/font] [font=“Courier New”][color="#000080"]!=[/color][/font] [font=“Courier New”]pass_field_repeat[/font]) my message “[font=“Courier New”][color=”#8b0000"]Las contraseñas no coinciden[/color][/font]" does appear.

Is this some kind of bug when validating [font="Courier New"]string[/font], [font="Courier New"]min[/font] and [font="Courier New"]max[/font]?

If you provide ‘min’ option you should provide ‘tooShort’ info (and ‘tooLong’ for ‘max’). ‘message’ is only for ‘not-a-string’ info.

Thank you Bizley, that was the problem.