Custom Url

I’m a newbie in Yii, I’m learning it.

Today I’m learning URL management.

I am using path URL structure and it works correctly.

But I want more.

For example:

I have this: //localhost/MyYiiApp/content/display?alias=something

where content is my controller’s name, display is my action’s name, and alias is a parameter in the URL.

I would like to see only the parameter in my URL with this controller/action pair, so I would like to hide my controller/action name from URL, so I would like to convert into this:


What rule should I write into the rules array of URL manager in the config/main.php file?

ps.: Sorry for my English :)


Ohh, is it really so simple? :)

It works! Thanks!

Edit: uhhh, Gii now stoped working :(

If I comment the line ‘<alias>’=>‘content/display’, Gii works,

if I uncomment it, Gii not working :(

There is some problem.


works, but when I try to open Gii with this URL:


this calls my Display action in my Content controller, and that miss alias parameter.

What is the problem?

Of course, "gii" now matches your rule. You can still use gii/default/index.