Custom URL for shop

Hello guys,

First please excuse me for my english !

I’m working on a store project, and I block on dynamic url. For basic urls it’s good, but for the shop I would like to have “ / e-shop / carrot”. but i have “ / e-shop / 1077” ( 1077 = id of product ).

I dont have slug for product data, and I need the title in slug format. But add in my db one column slug is not one solution for me.

do you have any solutions?

Thanks for reading me

Why? It’s the most correct solution out of many.

Because the data is imported into the db with a sql file, and for not make a function which will be used only once to put the slugs in the db. I am looking for another alternative. that said there may not be.

I think it’s better to implement a slug-creating functionality in form of a console command…

that’s what I was thinking if there was no other alternative. thank you. :slightly_smiling_face: