custom theme custom column1 & 2 .php?


I created a new theme /themes/new/views/layouts/main.php and added it to the config. It is using my main.php file!

but when I try to place my versions of column1 and column2 in /themes/new/views/layouts/ its not using them it is using the column layouts from: /protected/views/layouts/

How do I make it use the column1 and column2 files from my theme directory?

Try change in the Controler

class UserController extends Controller



	 * @var string the default layout for the views. Defaults to '//layouts/column2', meaning

	 * using two-column layout. See 'protected/views/layouts/column2.php'.


	public $layout='//layouts/column2';


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so whats the point of themes? I mean if by default every thing is main.php, column1.php, and column2.php…

I can put my main.php in my custom theme folder declare that theme in the config, and don’t have to change any controllers…

If I want to use my custom column1.php and column2.php files but don’t want to edit what ships with yii, I have to manually go in and change all my existing controllers??? and then what happens when I decide to change themes at a latter date? or allow users to manually choose a theme?

If you told Yii to use your theme, it will definitely use column1.php and column2.php in themes/your_theme/views/layouts.

If you’re not using a theme, it will use the ones from protected/views/layouts.

Otherwise, something is wrong.

sorry I wasted your time, I did not notice the page in question was pulling from column2… I thought it was pulling from column1 (the file I changed), I had not changed column2 yet, just copied it…