Custom Routes - Fetch from Db

Is there any way to load the routes from a DB? I mean currently the way it works Yii first initializes the routes and then only loads the DB class. So i have no way of accessing the DB while the routes are loaded. Even when i preload the DB class i still don’t have the access to the DB to load the routes from the DB rather then files.

You can make a small class/function to load a list of routes, using standard php/mysql connection. If necessary you can use the same config file to get the database parameters…

But than you would have a double DB connection active on every request…

What I would do is: on changes to your routes table, just write it to a file too (config/routes.php), and include that in your config file.

I have something like that in my custom i18n component (but I include different rule-files instead of doing db-queries).

Just create a special component and make sure it gets preloaded. In the init-function of the component you read the rules from the db and setup the UrlManager (re-init):

Yii::app()->urlmanager->rules = $arrayFromDatabase;