Custom JUI is overridden by native JUI


I’m trying to apply a different JUI theme for JUI widgets as described in 'Yii 1.1: Theming your Zii Widgets ’ Wiki article. But it has no effect, code inspection shows that my theme is registered successfully, but then gets overridden by default YII’s JUI CSS. I tried to map JUI CSS files to my custom theme files using ‘scriptMap’, but got bugs like transparent backgrounds of widgets and so on.

As for JUI JS script, only YII’s internal copy is registered, not custom.

As a result, all the widgets still use the old default theme.

How to find what causes default CSS to be registered?

What happens when you use scriptmap? Do you get duplicate style sheets being loaded? Scriptmap works fine for me, here’s a config snippet from one site I’m working on:

'scriptMap' => array(

	'jquery.js' => '//',

	'jquery.min.js' => '//',

	'jquery-ui.min.js' => '//',

	'jquery-ui.css' => '//',


Overrides all jquery/ui instances