currency symbol position

hi sir, I’m using this code

Yii::$app->formatter->locale = ‘th_TH’;

Yii::$app->formatter->numberFormatterSymbols = [

 \NumberFormatter::CURRENCY_SYMBOL => 'บาท',


yes it’s work but output is

echo Yii::$app->formatter->asCurrency(1202.57);

บาท1202.57 i need => 1202.57 บาท

i search internet and found if use

Yii::$app->formatter->locale = ‘et-EE’;

echo Yii::$app->formatter->asCurrency(1202.57, ‘EUR’);

and euro sign is after number => 1202.57 E. don’t know why?

how do i do that without using custom function(maybe edit in yii/i18n/formatter directly)

thank you sir