CUrlmanager static route

in a nutshell I need to make redirect internally to I cant use a redirect as this is a Facebook app so redirects break stuff.

the config/main.php is

$c["basePath"] = "../protected";

$c["components"]["urlManager"] = array("urlFormat"=>"path");

$c["components"]["db"] = array("class"=>"CDbConnection",





$c["modules"]["module"] = array("components"=>array("urlManager"=>array("rules"=>array("module/path-hyphenated", "module"))));

return $c;

Thanks in advance.


I use the FBML in order to do the redirection. Please check my other post: Creating Facebook Connect . In HController.php, redirect method.

I don’t know whether this will fit your need.

Btw, how you implement the authentication in facebook apps?

You may be able to use the forward() method of the controller (I don’t know if it works in a facebook app but I think it would, though).

If run application under link :… , you can use FBMl tab <fb:redirect url=’…’/> to reidrect.

But when you add your application into profile tab, you can not use tab <fb:redirect … /> and you can not load external javascript. You have to code javascript in page.