CurlManager instruction are not current

I’m new, but there appears to be a problem in the topic of CurlManager configuration. The site won’t let me post the problem there, so i have to start here.

Spent yesterday beginning to work through the setup of Yii. Got to the Employee/Department part of Ullman’s tutorial that referenced back to the CurlManager documentation. In that documentation, it has a line in the rules for:


This throws an error in the new version of Yii. The line should be


Please make that change or note in your documentation so Newbies like me are not frustrated the very first day we are trying to set this up.

I’m sorry but the link you provided above is not the Yii documentation… that is an wiki article… a wiki is a user contributed article…

The article does not have any error as it deals with the listing of posts thats why it call the list view… but as you are new to Yii possibly you can’t understand this yet…

my suggestion would be to start with the Definitive Guide to Yii -

On the guide you will get all the basics of Yii… and only then you will be able to follow other articles like the one you linked above.