CurlManager Documantation error?

Hello, i am certainly a noob to yii but i think there is an error here: hmm, i am not able to post links because i am noob, way to go. Anyway, i am reffering to CurlManager class reference page…

More specifically i think this:






should probably be replaced with this






Basically replace <_a> with <_c> in the last 2 rules. Otherwise it doesn’t make any sense (or i am completely lost)

you are right

Its right in the tutorial tho

It’s not right to the page i am referring to but forum rules do not allow me to post the exact link. Try this…

type and add "/doc/api/1.1/CUrlManager"

This page has the wrong info.

To forum admins: Please note that even adding an emoticon is considered a "link" preventing you from posting : (

This is to prevent SPAM… and it’s just for the first 3 posts…

as for the links you can alway post it like


I see you opened an issue too, good job…

just fixed this -

Note: the online documentation on the site will be updated only on the next Yii release… .so the change is not visible yet…

Thanks for the info, tips and fixing the error. I opened the ticket because i was advised to do so at the irc channel. Hope i didn’t cause to much trouble.

Not at all… that’s the right way to report typos and errors…