Cuploadedfile Saveas Not Saving Image Into The Directory

why the file is not saving ??


check this

after of that make the appropriate changes to adjust to your code (step by step) and will be the error.

also set temporarly $fileName = ‘testfile.jpg’

Inform us to help other member to find out solution for similar issues :)

Hi friend thanks for the reply, finally i have found that the file is saving but not in the path i have given, it is storing the file in the assets folder with a random folder name. please tell me how to solve it.

Please how set the "$rnd"

also use "{$rnd}-{$uploadedFile->name}" instead $fileName = "{$rnd}-{$uploadedFile}";

for testing use this



really Thanks for the suggestion mate.Now it is working.

actually previously i followed the below post they didn’t used like uploadedfile->name anyhow thanks for the help