CTreeView widget is looking and behaving strange

I'm working my way through Yii and found that the CTreeView is behaving a little strange

Setup: latest SVN Yii, Yiic created web application

I have added a new action to SiteController like this:

public function actionTest()


    $tdata =    array




                        'text'            => 'Node 1',

                        'expanded'        => false,




                        'text'            => 'Node 2',

                        'expanded'        => false,

                        'children'        =>    array


                                                'text'            => 'Node 2.1',




    $this->render('test',array('tdata' => $tdata));


the view file looks like this:

<h1>Tree Test</h1>


$this->widget('CTreeView',array('data' => $tdata));



  1. The image for the first node looks like it's a 'between' 2 nodes image.

  2. The sub node is not displayed correctly

I hope that I'm doing something wrong, so please let me know what.



Issue 2 is due to the fact that children should be an array of children - My mistake.

It looks fine using the yiic webapp. Maybe it's because of your CSS?

I use the CSS created by Yiic webapp.

Take a look at the picture I have attached (I have made a red square), then you will see that it looks like the 'tree' is not started correctly - No 'root'

That’s the expected behavior. Check this: http://jquery.bassis…/treeview/demo/