CTreeView persist option

Hello colleagues,

I’m using CTreeView for navigation. I want to save its state (which branches are open) between all pages. There is an option “persist” and it can take 2 values cookie and location. I tried both of them but they save CTreeView state per page so after the user moved to other page the tree is changed and after he comes back the tree is like it was on this exact page.

I want to preserve treeview state after any change and this new state should be valid for all pages?

Do you have any idea how I can do this?

Thanks in advance


I’m in similar issue, I would like to simply keep my ctreeview state when I reload my page however it collapses every times… I tried the options “persist” but nothing to do, it doesn’t do anything.

did you solve your issue ? or have you an idea for mine ?


I’ve still the same issue, does anyone have an idea about how to keep an async tree state ? option persist => cookie doesn’t seem to work with async tree :(