CTreeView jQuery plugin not maintained

Hi all,

I use and love CTreeView, but I’m reading on the official website of the TreeView jQuery plugin (on wich CTreeView is based), that it is not maintained since 2010. The author of the jQuery plugin suggests we should use another plugin :

What is the plan with CTreeView in the future?

Is it going to be refactored in Yii2.0?

Will it be backward compatibile with the one we are using now?

Should we migrate to another jQuery plugin (jsTree) from now?


P.S. : sorry, but since I’m a newbie, it won’t let me put links in my post… But you can find those info on the CTreeView documentation, and on the bassistance.de website that is linked there.

A bit off-topic, but… :]

Since 2010? Dear, man! :] I’m using PHP + Oracle, which means using OCI_PD) driver, which is stated as being in experimental stage for about five or more years! I’m currently struggling with a bug to this driver first time reported to PHP Bugs system in 2004 or 2005 and still not fixed, even though fixing it requires so extremely, enormous amount of work like changing one line and recompiling the DLL!

BTW: I also do love CTreeView and would be very disappointed on having it abandoned in YiiTwo.

Hi Trejder,

thanks for your awkward answer…

My problem is not with the 2010, but with the fact that it is not supported (it could be since 1 day or since 10 years). And my concern is not really the support of the original development team, but rather the support of the Yii widget by the Yii community…

I’m sure it will not be dropped by Yii2, but there are some other jQuery modules out there that could replace this one, ith other Yii widget imlementation.

Well, thanks anyway…

You should be glad that you got an answer in the first place…

No problem. Pity that you had a worse day…

To be honest, I don’t get you. You start thread asking about jQuery plugin not being updated/supported by it’s original dev team and then, after my answer, you switch to talk about Yii extension build over that plugin not being maintained. What then is your problem? Do you have concerns about jQuery plugin or Yii extension to it?

@jacmoe: Thanks for the support! :]